Monday, June 11, 2012


we finally took the weaner calves off their mothers last week, a process that has been interrupted a few times because, my goodness, it has kept on raining often enough to throw our plans awry.

The process was pretty quick and painless and didn't take long, helped by the fact that there was nearly 100 old dears not present and accounted for, hiding out in the bushes somewhere (but never fear, they did get found).

Some odd shots from the day, and a little (badly shot) video to show you the sheer noisiness of working in the yards...

IMG_0963IMG_0966  Some of the weaners, looking for their mummies through the fence.

IMG_0981not a weaner, but looking so cute, plonked down on a bit of grass soaking up some sun.


Won't be around here much, have a busy week in front of us, and my brothers wedding this weekend, the kids are getting very excited! All of them are in the wedding three other kids as well. Won't THAT be fun ;-)

See you after we return from the deep south (well, Blackall is deep south for us northerners!)


  1. Aren't the yards ridiculously noisy whilst weaning. I find the crossbreds so much noisier than the Brahmans too. I wouldn't be too worried about your calves, our Rock Wallaby calves are about 80kg behind the Bottle Tree ones. Goes to show that nutrition is far more important than genetics!
    Have a great week.
    Hope the wedding goes wonderfully. How exciting!

  2. I LOVE the photos of the stock yards and the video with all the moo cow Australian. Enjoy the family wedding look forward to some pics.

  3. Now that's music to an old mans ears. Have a beaut wedding.

  4. Very interesting! Love that last shot too ... enjoy the wedding festivities, it'll be a great day I am sure!

  5. Cattle noises are a noise from my childhood - though rather different scenery than yours. Lovely to see how different your rural life is from here in the UK.


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