Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Better late than never!

This is the well overdue post of internet goodness, the stuff that's made me go "ooooh" (as opposed to OWWW, as in my last post!) Before I start, my ankle is recovering nicely, though I am not sure purple is my colour. At least not on my feet anyhow! I never ended up going to the doctor - my husband came home on dark the day AFTER it happended, and asked THEN if I wanted to have it x-rayed (I declined, with vigour!) So much sympathy and caring in that man!
Anyhow, settle in for this visual feast!

I want this house: the glorious natural light, the gorgeous timber floors, the furniture...I love it all. And that kid occupying blackboard wall is a great idea...but where is the cleaning lady to clean up all that chalk dust?

Cute project, little frames inside the big frame. I don't think this is one I will do, but I like the concept!

Now for some utter girly-ness!

These paper flowers are divine, are they not?

More buttons! Would be a real dust collector in this house, in this part of the country, but cute non-the-less!

Another cute, impractical button idea. I'm feeling practical this week. That is why I've acheived practically nothing so far!

What little girl (or not so little girl) wouldn't love this room! Love the white furniture. I'm a fan of white. Just doesn't seem to stay white in my world!

What a great way to highlight a particulary special peice of kids art - some bright, matching glossy paint around a cheap timber frame. Totally doable!

Another strippy quilt. I like the combination of patterns and colours.

my favourite colour combo at the moment, that I know Di will tell me to channel into a scrapbook layout. I love these colours for home decor, but haven't really used them in scrapbooking at all - I wonder why?
Can you tell dust and cleaning are on my mind at the moment? House looking like a bomb hit it after a few days of restricted mobility, and an outing to school swimming carnival for most of the day.
Anyhow, Trevor is home, so best go and look really busy! ;)


  1. Oooooooh pretties!!!!

    Glad to hear your ankle is slightly better :)

  2. Wow...everything you posted is gorgeous, I love your taste!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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