Monday, March 30, 2009

We Are Getting There

I've been working on fixing up the blog disaster that I created yesterday...I'm not sure that I am liking this look - not as much as I one I can't work :-(, but it certainly is one thing - WIDE!

Any comments, you few wonderful readers? (or advice!)

I will work on a refreshed header soon. Though, I have to say, I am not feeling too refreshed - sick girl last night(as well as a naughty non-sleeping baby boy!), so there was a fair bit of wandering around in the dark, as well as attempts to banish two new kittens from their newly discovered playground on our bed (they kept breaking into the house!) not enough sleep. And here I am fiddling around with my blog instead of sleeping!

As side note : the kittens are Trevor's plan to keep the mouse and rat population at the LC hut down to a dull roar (they could just about carry him away at nights!). They've got some growing to do though, before they move down there!

Some visual stimulation for you, as the camera is too far away in the kitchen for me to be bothered about fetching it. Oooh, the things I will have to share when I download that baby! Anyhow, the delicious Pottery Barn email once again yielded some eye candy...

Oh, I love any combination of colour with that chocolate brown! I must have the colour on the brain, as we have been enjoying some yummy dark chocolate after a recent trip to the next town to do some grocery shopping, and FINALLY get my haircut!

Luckily I had the prescense of mind (there's always a first!) to have my husband take a photo before I washed the newly created look away, because I can tell you, it hasn't looked the same since. I do own a set of straighteners, but my ability at using them is NOT good! (can you tell I wasn't a girly girl growing up? I never owned a hairdryer until I was in my 20's and grew my hair long, and needed to dry my hair for work - and I mean DRY not STYLE!)

I'll share the new 'do soon!

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