Thursday, March 19, 2009


is one of the words (that I can share!) that went through my head yesterday afternoon, when I turned my ankle with an agonising crunch. Well, actually, truth be told, I didn't think for awhile, more like gasped and groaned while the kids wondered if their mother had completley lost the plot!

I'm not sure what I've done (I have no exciting tale to tell of how this happened - I was simply bloody WALKING!) but I know this: my ankle is swollen, and sore. I can put weight on it and hobble about, but please don't ask my to bend the darned thing.

So, things aren't happening too fast around here today, and I certainly didn't stroll to school with Kate - I put her on her bike and watched her ride the 250 metres to school. This was a big thing for her - I've drummed into them to not go out on the footpath (we live on a major highway) telling them that "someone might take you!" - so I had to allay her fears that she wouldn't be "taken" when I was watching!

Anyhoo, moving on. I thought that seeing as I haven't had the time to focus on any paper scrapping, surely I could fit in a quick digital page. Hah! It never seems to happen like that - quick! I'm even more indecisive with digital, not sure why. Anyhow, this was inpsired by the battle that's been happening on and off all day with the two youngest kids. Georgie has been slightly bored with my un-mobileness, and when she gets bored, she annoys the be-jesus out of her little brother, AND me in turn.

Oh, I've realised that today should have been Internet Goodness Day, or what ever I will call it - and I do have some things to share. But right now I need to go and umpire the current battle that is waging, and then put myself horizontal with foot vertical (or at least UP!), in that order.

I will endeavour to do some more digital pages soon, as long as it took, as was fun and keeps my "eye" in!! Look out Nicole and Di, I shall be looking at your pages for inspiration! (they are over there on my side bar, if anyone wants to check 'em out!)

Note to self: I need to find some free digital brads...a page doesn't feel right without them, whether it be paper or digi!

Hobbling off to make grand plans...I so need wireless in my house!

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear:( Hope it gets better!

    My kids are the same going somewhere on their own (even up the driveway!!!) We must be pretty darned convincing in our tales of horror;)


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