Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Goodness

I thought I would "try" and do a weekly post of some of the yummy images I come across that inspire me, whether they be scrapbooking, home decor or just yummy-in-general - my friend Kirsty does a Friday Faves, so I guess its something like that. But on a Thursday.

First, I know I was going to share some photos of our recent brand up of the calves (a very long, hot and sweaty day, I have to report - but not too bad on my behalf, as we had 4energetic 10-11 year old boys penning up the calves, so I all had to do was supervise and direct traffic!) but my camera is currently bouncing around the front of my husbands utility, from where I keep forgetting to retrieve it when he gets home each evening. So, I will share, soon. As soon as I get my hands on the camera!

I have also resolved today, to try and clear my desk today and tomorrow, of some of the work that is pressing on me, so that I can give myself a "guilt free" leave pass to do some scrapping on the weekend - or at the very least, put my stash into my new set of drawers. The new drawers may not hold as much as the old ones, and that might mean the need to purchase some upright cardstock storage containers!! I found the plastic magazine-type holders at Craftainers , but I have a dust problem, and need something with a lid or cover. Any suggestions?
Anyhow, without further ado, look at what's had me ahhing and ooing this week. Apart from my sore muscles, that is!

This lovely new (pattern not released yet) bag and needle book from Janelle Wind. Love the flowers - wouldn't they lend themselves well to a mini album cover. Love the fresh colours.

These cool hanging lights. Given that I have 12 foot ceilings, I don't think these would work in my house! But I still like 'em.

This is for Yvonne, the orange lover - the chairs - the rug (Oh, the RUG!) Hmm, another colour combo for scrapbooking inspiration - orange, brown and cream!

This cute, clever handmade ring from madeit . Not sure how it was made, but was very, very tempted. But I can't exactly wear it in the cattle yards, and as my next major outing is to the campdraft in a few weeks (as its secretary - yay! NOT), I can't see this being right at that event. Its all blue jeans, tucked in shirts and cowboy boots there I'm afraid. Though I don't do tucked in shirts anymore. And as I won't be riding, I will forgo the boots for more comfortable footwear suitable for a disorganised and frazzled secretary. So the ring might have to wait until I can justify its purchase!

Aren't these clips so cute? As I have a rather substantial stash of largely unused buttons (much to my husband's disgust - he wants me replace missing buttons on his work shorts) I think I might make some of these for my girls, our neices and the myriad of other little girls having birthdays etc. I've even begged some yummy patchwork fabric scraps from a friend who sews (as opposed to me, who just reads about it!), so that I can cover some buttons as well. Actually, I can even see BIG girls (like both my brother's girlfriends, who are young and hip and skinny) wearing these.

No other exciting news - husband trucking cattle today (defined - loading cattle onto truck with cattle crate trailer) from LC to my in-laws place, where we keep our weaners (defined - calves that are approx 5-6 months of age and are removed from their mothers so that their mothers can go "whew", stop making milk, have a rest and eat some grass, then have another baby). Two youngest kids wandering about playing and fighting, in no particular order; oldest one at school where evil, maniacal teacher is teaching them to play the recorder. My nerves begin twitching when I see that instrument of tortue protruding from her backpack, to be brought home to practise.

On that note, I end, and go in search of nerve calming medication in readiness of oldest child's return from school.

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  1. Always enjoy reading your posts Sharon, & checking out your faves, you have very eclectic tastes for a country girl but I likey!


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