Monday, March 16, 2009


Bruno. He was found wandering around at LC, looking very sad, lonely and hungry. And sans-mama. It was touch and go whether he would survive for a bit, seeing as he hadn't had a feed for awhile, but he seems to be good now. As evidenced by the way he was trying to suck my leg just moments after this photograph. Doesn't take 'em long to work out who provides the tucker around here! He has a girlfriend, Patsy, but she's not so user friendly. She's camera shy.

Actually, it was an action filled weekend, and not in a good way. One of the kids ponies got ill on Friday afternoon, just before dark and the whole bath & getting tea ready saga. It was a long evening, but with the assistance of some good friends (and their great horse drugs) Mr T has survived to see a few more days.

In other news, my duck went missing. My wood duck, one of the trio that we rescued last wet season, and the only one that didn't fly away. Well, he did fly, but always came home for breakfast (smart animal that). I did think it strange he hadn't been around for tucker for two mornings straight, but just thought he might have been having an extended outing. This is until Georgie looked a little closer at a pile of feathers left by the bloody maniacal cat, that we found in the spare room (under the bed). She pointed out the bit of green on the feathers, tearfully noting that Woody the Duck had some green feathers.....

So let me introduce you to Sooty, before he leaves home for LC, where he can hunt his horrible little bloodthirsty heart out.

Sooty is Georgie's cat, who once was a playful, bed lounging bundle of mischeif, not unlike Slinky Malinky. However in the past few weeks, he has turned into a maniacal bloodthirsty hunter of all things mobile. Should have realised, by the liking he'd developed for chewing on our toes (a taste test, no doubt, for when he had built up the necessary skills to take on larger prey!)

A result of so much rain has been an influx of frogs in all shapes and sizes, living throughout the garden and outbuildings (we rather discourage them from living in the house, apart from that little bloke in the bathroom) and Sooty has made it his personal mission to keep those numbers under control. This wasn't so bad, until he started leaving little piles of legs and other bodily parts on the lounge room floor. Apparently only one breed of frog is yummy (brown ones) - leaving the good old green tree frog alone (my favourite). Then he moved onto birds, though with much active discouragement on our parts. Bird feathers in my house? NOT ON.

But now, after eating MY DUCK? Sooty is going to live at Lyons Creek, leaving my chooks and budgies and other garden birds in peace. At LC there are rats and mice and bunnies to be caught, so good luck to you Soot. Not feelin' the love for you at the moment.

Homicidal cats...who'd want to live in the country?!

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