Monday, March 2, 2009

I"ll be back soon, I promise

I really should be in bed right now, given that I have a huge, potentially incapacitating day tomorrow (I will mustering for hours on horse back, something I haven't done since, say, this time last year....lets just say I found muscles I had forgotten I owned), but I just wanted to pop by and tell you that I will be back. One day.
Its extra busy at the moment, especially as our cattle work has been delayed from the wet weather, so on top of doing the branding (scheduled for over the weekend, all going well!) we have also been sending cattle away to sale, and tomorrow, helping my brother get some of his in - a big mob that required a few hands to help out, as they are normally quite frisky, and quite enjoy a lovely run around. As much as the steers enjoy their run around, their musterers, quite frankly, don't appreciate them going in 600 different directions, especially when there's normally only about 3 of them! So the more hands the merrier, and the more controlled the mob will be.
Mind you, normally all hands are only required for the first hour, and then most of us could go and have a nap under a tree or go home to the airconditioning, and then come back when required to yard up. That scenario would be MUCH kinder to my bottom, instead of plodding along behind them for about 6kms and hours and hours in the hot sun and getting a "nice" covering of dust.
Just a quick share of what we got up to over the weekend just past - preparing some of our steers for sale. I don't have many action shots of this, as I was busy for most of the time (and marital relations tend to get strained if I pull up in the middle of drafting to take a photo of a pretty steer or how drafting works!) Here's one of the work force. Help is hard to get, I can tell ya! (and Bob the Builder work boots are the ONLY footwear to be seen in this season..didn't you know?)

And speaking of covering with dust, here's a god awful one of me, double chins and in-need-of-haircut-desperately-bad-hair and all, that my oldest daughter took. Just to show that I do get in front of the camera some days. Just wishing that it wasn't THIS particular day. And also wishing that dust didn't stick to sunscreen QUITE so much.

Oh lordy, I bet you're wishing that I hadn't shared that one with you! Anyhow, like I said at the start, I shall return, hopefully one day this week, but with helping out tomorrow, and needing to try to get-ahead for being away from the house this weekend, it probably won't be until next week. Hopefully I will have lots of action shots to share.

I need to go to bed now, and prepare myself and my bottom mentally for what lies ahead tomorrow. You'd think with all of this padding that it wouldn't be a problem! Well, it doesn't help at all.

Bye....galloping sound effects fading away into silence.....

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