Thursday, March 26, 2009


Just a quick post to share with you these two amazing links
This gorgeous family video {bringing the old daggy family video time to a whole new level):
Click HERE - trust me, its worth the wait if you have a slow connection.
That was in turn the inspiration for this one, which is fantastic as well.
Click HERE
In this modern day and age, I think that this is totally do-able, with a little technical guidance and advice for those not quite up to speed - like me! (Don't even own an ipod, and you might notice the lack of musical thingys on the side of my blog!)
Trust me, it is worth checking out both of these links.
My "old" Fuji camera has a movie function (how good, I'm not sure) to check it out!
I so would love to do one of these - what great once a year (at least) project to capture the family! And special family celebrations (ooh - how would this go on a digital frame?!)
I'm giddy with the possibilities! Just need someone to tell me HOW!

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  1. Hi Sharon, I've finally got around to having a spare second to read some new blogs. WOW! I'm so excited that you love my video so much to link it...that is very cool and hasn't happened to me before. I wish I could come and help you with a video especially when I see your header photo with that beautiful open space and long grass...that is exactly what I was looking for :) I just used Windows Movie Maker. It seems complicated but is quite easy once you know a few key things, you could definately do one. I loved making it and want to make so other variteies of the same thing. It's all about time but isn't it. Love your blog and that beautiful picture of your kids, I love working with actions too.


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