Friday, March 6, 2009

A Land of Sweeping Plains

I really should be in bed right now, considering I have to get up insanely early in the morning, to complete my normal chores, as well as prepare for a day of drafting at LC with my happy husband and his equally chirpy brother. Can you tell I'm excited?
But I thought I should pop by to tell you that I did indeed survive my day of mustering by horse (funny, considering about 6 years ago, it was nothing for me to spend days on a horse without breaking a I need someone to help me get ON the bl#$dy horse!).

In fact it was a glorious day, and my brothers' girlfriend, mounted on her blue steed (breed of Yamaha!) kindly took charge of my camera. I was riding one of my brother's horses, and quiet as Ding was reported to be, I wasn't keen on finding out his reaction to that little click-burr-beep noise!

Anyhow, this is what Chelsea, dear girl, had to face for the best part of the trek home.

But she had us - me and my youngest brother's girlfriend (keeping it all in the family, folks!) to keep her company. In fact, it has been said that we really didn't do any thing but talk the entire time. I think that statement could be debated, myself!

Look at that grass. I can't remember seeing this much grass, ever. Maybe I wasn't paying attention in years gone by. But I know one thing, I think this is something like what Dorothea McKellar was talking about. Don't you? Oh, by the way, that's Lauren, my youngest brother's skinny girlfriend, on the left. That's me, the most unskinny one, on the right. Chelsea, the OTHER skinny girlfriend, was taking the photo.

This is the mustering team - left to right, from the back: Chad (on grey horse), super agent extra-ordinaire, helping muster the steers he was in charge of selling. He had a big feather in his hat, which apparently was meant to stop him from being bucked off his horse. It must have worked, as he didn't fall off, but I heard that there was a fair bit of daylight between his bum and his saddle at one stage. I really wouldn't know, as I was working hard doing my job, down the back.

Anyhow, then there's me, then Lauren, then at the front, my middle brother Ashley (he must have had a sore bum, he's off his horse), and then my long and lanky husband, standing (dismounted from his motorbike - NOT a horse man!) I have to say he - AND his two mates there - were quite rude about my requests for assistance in mounting my horse.

All I have to say, fellas, is this: people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

Mum brought out lunch for us - with the kids, who she was in charge of while I was mustering. They thought it was great, having a picnic. We don't normally require lunch when mustering, but it we still had nearly two hours walk back to the yards, and that would mean lunch at 4pm. Not that it would have hurt anyone to wait, but one is always better natured and enthusiastic when fed and watered on time!

Did I mention that grass before? I could nearly eat it myself.

Anyhow, off in another direction tomorrow, to deal with our own cows. Granma is once again in charge of the kids, a thought that thrills them to bits, as she doesn't make the clean their room, or pick up stuff. And she takes them up the road for an iceblock from the pub (it doesn't just sell beer!) and she brings cream buns with her too. So no one is upset that their mother is away for the day!

I'll be back with tales of drafting, and branding! Hope you've enjoyed this post! I would Love it if you would leave a comment.


  1. Great post Sharon.
    I bet those skinny girls haven't had any babies yet! You probably enjoyed having some female company in your endeavors.
    Will your DH rub your sore behind for you???

  2. LOL Jo! No, I am the only producer of grandchildren in the family so far!

    Actually, my behind wasnt too bad surprisingly. There is no sympathy to be had from the has to be on deaths door to register on his sympathy-o-metre!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Wow Sharon! Whata different life we lead. I love seeing the differences!
    Didn't make it to officeworks the other days so can easily get the page protectors for you. How many do you want?


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