Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reconstruction ...aka PLEASE HELP ME!

I decided, without much thought, to redesign the old blog. "Time for a change!" she said. Well now, I wish I'd thought longer about that.... so please bear with me as I go through the whole process of re-loading all of the bit and peices (like - where are the archives?)
And can some wonderful, computer savvy person, please tell me HOW I can replace that mountain range up there, with my own header image?
I used "Frozen Age" blogger template, which was easy enough to load, but that was only just the beginning...
Though, I do like the wideness of this new look. Matches my bottom - w-i-d-e!
Any advice at ALL would be greatfully received.
Thanks in advance


  1. Sorry...I am the LEAST computer savvy person I know. I have absolutely NO advice:(

  2. too funny sharon...
    i love the colours...nice and snow on a
    cant you do it in the customize menu?

  3. Whoa that is so different, when it was first loading I thought I had gone onto the wrong blog. LOL the snow capped peaks are not.. er ...really you!
    Try going to your dashboard, to edit your blog header. That coffee shop blog you follow has lots of tips


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