Wednesday, February 17, 2010

and the storm clouds gather on high

of course you would all recognise that line from an old Slim Dusty song, wouldn't you? ;-)

Sunday evening, from my back yard. Thought the end of the world was nigh.

It didn't make it here.  Nary a drop. Same thing every day this week - big, scary thunderous clouds all round...and they keep going AROUND. But at least my washing is getting dry!


  1. I just blink and you have posted - more than once!
    These are great shots - the clouds look so menacing.

  2. I went away for a few hours - there is much to be read! I have same storm problem here and a little girl who doesn't like them one little bit - makes for a long evening. Great shots.

  3. Menacing is exactly right. It looked like that from the other side too... just 15kms away... I was really scared!

  4. I have to ask, is that Queensland Austrailia?
    My husband was there for 2 years, on a mission.

    We live in Show Low, Arizona,
    our blog spot is
    Showlowhall if you want to peek in,
    maybe you knew an Elder Hall in the 70's?
    Looks beautiful!


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