Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Quickly

I wanted to share this couple of photos from when Mel took our family photos just before Christmas last year.
I think I might frame up the last one...he wasn't smiling appropriately for Mel so she asked me to feel up his leg to get a reaction...so I did, but gave him a little pinch to wake him up.  I think it worked!  I converted the shots to black and white as Trevor was quite sunburnt from working all day welding (from the sun reflection off the steel, not from lack of hat) and I think it worked okay.

Best be off, have to run to town and collect the girls from their swimming lessons.  I have one other set of photos to share with you next time...and then I won't hassle you with these any more - til next time round!


  1. Love them Sharon! Jo took some of Andrew and I and I love them alot. I must get one framed and printed. Yours could be the first one to go in those frames with metal clip edges - see you NEED them!

  2. These are great shots Sharon - the one on the left is FANTASTIC!
    Feeling like I belong in the tropics at the moment - serious cloud build up and giant splats of rain just starting. I can smell the rain in the air - hopefully I'll feel it soon!

  3. love these and this template...
    neeed to use it for a few things in mind

  4. I absolutely love these! They are beautiful!


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