Monday, February 8, 2010

My Favourite

I love magazines, but lately I have found myself being quite choosy and dropping the ones that I find I am not getting much from, apart from that first browse and read - a bit like what I have done to my blog reading list!

Every year I get enough Flybuys Points to get a subscription - this year I chose Better Homes and Gardens AND Home Beautiful (a two for one type deal!). 

Let me just say that Home Beautiful has hit the top of my favourites list for many reasons. Gorgeous photography, lovely but real homes, and great ideas that I can transfer into my own little dusty, very lived in home. Great typography ideas, and I even look at the ads - not just for what they are adverstising but for their graphic design ideas!  But mostly I look at  its true content:  I tore this page from the last magazine to keep me inspired....

I just wanted to quickly share with you my current favourite read....what is your favourite?


  1. I'm glad I haven't been dropped from your blog reading list - ooh the pressure! I LOVE this picture - oh those white ceilings and the hints of red. Sadly, I only read Sunday Life and the Good Weekend, but maybe I should get Home Beautiful because today particularly, I find myself looking for some new ideas to revamp this tired house.

  2. I've only ever subscribed to a scrap mag - generally I could give or take them. I quite like delicious though. Having seen this image - I could quite happily sit there for hours!

  3. I don't read any mags regularly...I can't read home decorating ones...they depress me too much! My home will never be pretty LOL

  4. since the demise of simple scrapbooking I haven't subscribed to any magazines and when I do have a look in the shop usually leave without one because nothing grabs me.


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