Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Small Boy

the start of some random, short posts for today.

I built that train track for him (peeease mum!) taking quite some time to construct its elaborate path to go under the bridge and have another "roundabout" loop, which was not easy considering that some of the track peices appear to have gone awol.

Mere minutes into the post construction playing, he had a train derailment, which necessitated in pulling apart the top loop in order to get in the crane/loader to right the wagons.  {someone obviously paid attention when we drove past a recent derailment here!}. sigh. my work is unappreciated.

This one small boy and his mum are still finding their feet now that its just them at home most of the day. Changes of routine and how we go about our day... no sister to play with so more of helping mum, so mum having to change her routine so that she is doing things that the one small boy is able to help with.  Like licking the cake mixing beaters....!


  1. Train track building is on my resume as well. Mine like to deconstruct as I'm constructing - they think it is hilarious!

  2. Those trains must be built by a man - I too have much trouble. And destruction is very frustrating! You must be enjoying some one on one time though.

  3. It's lovely. Mostly my youngest builds his own tracks (enormous elaborate things!) but they are loads of fun!


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