Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seven On Saturday

My version of Ten on Tuesday because, well, I had nothing to say much on Tuesday.

1. We had a family day out today:  some time swimming at the creek crossing causeway (the aborted plans for last weekend!) smoko alfresco, some time at Grandma's place, and then a quiet evening in with baked beans on toast for tea, and half an hour of an old Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck Merrie Melodies dvd before bedtime for the kids, while the rain fell on the roof. And still drizzles as I type. Perfect evening at home! ;-)

2. Love the smell of rain on the spinifex.  I can't explain it, but its up there (in front even) of freshly baked bread and baby-powered (johnson and johnson of course!) clean babies.

3. Still in the same vein of topic:  I have wet sheets on the clothes line. sigh.

4. I love this revisted project from Ali E and really should get out of my rut off my butt and do this myself.  I don't have a medium sized butterfly punch, but do have a butterfly die that I use in my cuttlebug...but what a way to enable the purchase of a new and suitable butterfly or star or heart punch!

5.Thinking that the family might just get myself  me one of these for Mothers Day:

I found these on my favourite handcraft Australian website, when perusing their weekly email.  Lots of different styles - similar to the American based ones that I;ve seen everywhere.

6. I really need to get myself motivated to join some form of Weight Watchers.  I need to loose some weight, but oh, its hard work! AND I don't like being hungry (hungry/low blood sugar = VERY GRUMPY) and I don't like to excercise just for the sake of it - going for a walk/ride for a purpose - to fill the water trough or wear the kids out - has a purpose! ;-) Basically, I am a couch potato. Why can't they just invent a pill that magically speeds up ones metabolism and removes fat rolls?

7.Why are they showing double episodes of Grey's Anatomy?  I mean, great! twice the enjoyment on a Tuesday night....but boy its making me tired! Especially with my other favourite, Brothers and Sisters, on late the night before! Oh, the problems I have!

and 8. is a bonus as I just thought of something else trivial.  My favourite author at the moment: Marian Keyes -  and my favourite book of hers - This Charming Man.  Definately "chick lit" but very funny, light reading (that I could.not.put.down! and will re-read one day) but with a whole serious underlying topic.  All with a wonderful Irish accent throughout - you'll find yourself thinking in Irish ;-) but perhaps that's just me! But anyhow, in the words of Molly Meldrum "do yourself a favour" and get your hands on a copy!


  1. Love it! And I was going to buy that same necklace. I ended up getting one from the vintage pearl in America. It was cheaper, shipping and all than buying that one (from baby's got style) you might be looking at the source itself which could be more reasonably priced.

  2. Sharon, we have lemon scented gums in our backyard and the smell is AMAZING! When we open the doors on a rainy day it is divine.
    I've been about the butterflies for one of the bedrooms - my punch is not the right size ... enabler!
    Same feelings about Grey's and B&S.
    The whole get fit and healthy thing is very big on my agenda - it is hard work! You can do WW online, they have a great forum and you can be a part of the forum without joining if you want to see what it is like.

  3. I'm with you Sharon, I hate sweating & love food. I'm always full of good intentions, I need the lazy girls weight loss plan too!

  4. I am SO with you on 6 and 7. Jeans are too tight, and Monday and Tuesday nights are SO awesome but making me too tired!

  5. I love the framed art! I might actually do something like that soon. :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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