Wednesday, February 3, 2010


yes, I know I've been quiet...some slight disruption to routine around here since it rained...husband has been at home since ? and of course hogging the computer or wondering why I am on the computer when I could be doing something more productive. Men.

Anyhow, I finally got HIM to do something productive and we have been finally finishing off the office - shelving, moving the desk, and clearing up the resulting mess.  Its taken longer than I expected, and my enthusiam for putting away the stuff I had to move is waning - especially as my new improved desk area looks so nice and uncluttered now....

Anyhow, pics soon, off to the dreaded 1st dental appointment tomorrow, which I am quietly scared silly about...the first of three or four visits, three weeks apart. Oh joy.  And while I am down there ("there" being Charters Towers) , my computer is also in for a bit of an overhaul and tinker, so here's hoping it comes home in one piece as well!

And then on Friday my cousin, his wife and daughter are stopping for the night, on their way to take their daughter to Ag I really need to clean and scrub the toilet and do all of those jobs you do before visitors arrive (not to mention remove the piled office crap off of the spare bed!)

So hopefully I will be back here on Saturday to share some photos of my lovely new area! 

And here's a cute little doll I found, available on  Too cute. Love the flower in its hair!!


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  2. How are you to be a domestic goddess with a sore mouth? Good luck today :-) looking forward to some after pictures on the weekend!

  3. Can't wait to see your new office area! Good luck with dentist (eww) and with the impending guests - oh I know what that's like!!!

  4. Hoping the dentist will be ok, ask for lots of good drugs! Can't wait to see the office. Isn't it a good time to declutter! Love the doll. I am always attracted to pretty fabrics.

  5. wow ...what a busy couple of days...
    bring on Sunday!!!


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