Saturday, February 6, 2010

Catch Up

Just a quick catch up pictorial style post on a few things I've been wanting to share with you...and I've yet to select my photos-for-the-month for January, but there's a few front runners. Hopefully I'll do that tonight, if I can get rid of this headache that's been plaguing me all day!

Anyhow:  here it is - more or less finished.  Have to get a couple of more narrower brackets to finish off (we ended with more shelving than we thought - bonus!) but its workable, just need to find a spot or dump a few more things. Here's some before *yikes* during and nearly done shots.

HE needs to finish his part of the job and put some support under the ends of each shelf....I can't load them up properly until that happens....

And our big girls' recent 7th birthday - which ended up being a drawn out affair, with a little friend sleeping over and another little friend joining us for cake (photo 1) and then a cake at school ON her actual birthday, and then some sparklers on the left over cake that night.  And yes, if you thought the cakes looked alike, you;d be right!  I made a huge double chocolate cake and made two round cakes for the first layered montrosity, and a ring cake from what was left.  And iced them all with the same icing....popped the ring cake in the freezer and brought it out when needed!

I have another super quick collage to share, but will later after I have sorted out some tired, cranky, fighting children!


  1. Love the Office Sharon. You have done a great job, bet you feel productive just sitting in there. The green looks great with the shelves on there. There is nothing better than milking your birthday for all it is worth. Andrew called our holiday his birthday holiday, it was the day before we left home, and he had to go birthday fishing of course!

  2. Sharon, the office looks great - I love how the colour turned out. I'm envious of your desk chair - we need a new one desperately.
    What a grown up young lady you have there, 7! We will have a 7th later in the year as well :-) The cakes look fantastic - I bet she loved them ... did she enjoy her gifts?

  3. Dont know how I keep missing your posts :(

    Looove the green wall. Thinking I could do with some shelves like that too.
    Great b'day pics...and cool collage idea :)

  4. I just love the office! Well done! Very jealous but I know how long you've been working on this so you deserve it!


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