Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new favourite books

So if you get Scholastic Book Club at your school you would have probably seen these books recently, or even come across them in the past.  We just bought these from bookclub, and they have become firm favourites, especially with the one small boy. And his mum.

This has been around for awhile, and it has a host of awards for good reason.  My boy's favourite illustrated page is this one (though he loves them all, he has chosen the oldest child to represent himself when he goes through the book).

This is a bird's eye view of the farm, and Angus just loves looking at the road and where the sheds and other things are.  I quite like it myself!

My own personal favourite  - first heard as a slightly wicked song by John Williamson and sung with great gusto by all persons in the car when it comes on.  John Williamson is quite a clever man, and I intend to get the "kids cd" he has had out for preference to listening to Pink, who's words I hadn't really listened to until in the car recently...lets just I was quick to change the words when I caught some of "fun house".  {the girls just love Pink! why oh why!} Anyhow, may I present:

I'm a bush I'm a bush, I'm a bush bush ranger
runnin from the law, livin on danger
bang bang here! come stick em up stranger!
I'm a big bad bush bush ranger!

The story book is wonderfully illustrated with a hilarous bushranger wombat and his gang featuring throughout.

Take note of the expression on the face of his faithful fat pony!

And his girlfriend Gayle, who appears to be, quite literally, a fox!

I enjoy this book every time I flick through it, sometime with a child, sometimes NOT!  And I always hear the song in my head as I read the words.

I can so see this being translated into a play for school kids!


  1. I'm going to track this one down - hilarious! Love wombats 3 day growth ;-)

  2. Hubby used to work at Scholastic (it is about 15 mins drive from us) we have a lot of books but only if it were when we had kids - oh the selection! They print some of my fav's we have a 25th anniversary possum magic.

  3. These are so awesome! Makes me almost want to have some little fellows of my own so I can read cool stuff like this to them... but only for a moment... maybe I can borrow someone else's for some reading time.


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