Monday, February 8, 2010


Truly awful photographs follow.  I really must work on how I photograph my completed pages!! (poor lighting on the day and a grumbling husband thumping around outside didn't help!)

So now you've looked at the pretty picture in the previous post and are all mellow from its tranquilness, let me present my recent scrapping endeavours.  I could have saved them up, but I'm not that sort of person!  All or nothing!

Lets start with my playing with divided page protectors....which only work with true 4x6, not the batch of crappy ones I got printed that had the white border around the outside.  However, you do the best with what you;ve got.  In hindsight this would look better on 12x12 card, but I had fun just sliding the photos into the 4" pockets. On the left a little 6x12 to finish it off.  (The centre bit on the big page was cut from the front of the invitation to his christening and I found spotty paper that sort of matched).

In the album: (a much nicer photo!)

Some more playing with divided pages:

The back and the front.  See those horrible white edged photos. They don't look too bad here...super quick, no cropping and even some handwriting (though blurgh on that count).

Another super quick one - 6x6...with just a little story.  Below is how it fits nicely into the D ring album.

Some real paper and glue and sticking things down pages:

Things didn't go to plan with the one above, a bit rushed, but I love the paper and the dotted bazzill.  Bad title and all, its not too bad! Notice the similarity in design to the one below (which I did first).

For this one I decided to do on paper what I;ve been dong in Elements:  a block collagy style of layout.  I should do this more often as it feels so easy on paper and computer. (About my boys' very low key 1st birthday.) Quite happy with this page!

humm of silence for 10 apologies, this post was rudely interrupted by my husband, who demanded that I stop what I was doing and come drive the tractor to pull his truck out from where it was bogged.  But I am back, tractor driver extra-ordinaire that I am, truck un-bogged, to finish this where was I?

And that ends this installment of poorly photographed and I suspect, poorl crafted scrapbooking pages!  Working on editing my selection of January's photographs, which I will post over at puddin-n-pie, to justify its existence, other than a place for me to bookmark and follow the photographic eye candy  inspirational sites that I've found or been introduced to (thanks to Di, who keeps sending me links to great photography sites, and is to blame for no washing being done today!).

And to explain - I'm moderating comments at the moment to put a stop to spam/robot comments appearing on my blog.  But please, feel free to come out of lurking ;-) and say hi!!


  1. Please tell me that the young lady in those photos is NOT Sally Ford!!!!????? No way...I am NOT old enough to have taught someone that age! LOL
    I love your pages...and yeah, they are tricky little buggers to photograph, I think you did a fabulous job!

  2. Kirsty you are officially too old...which is how I feel when I see that finished-year-twelve-girl! email me and I'll send you some recent photos of Sal...oh we are so so ancient...

  3. love how you use a variety of formats. Page dividers look great and I like the 6x6 in amongst them. I'm a big fan of the collage block style of scrapping too and it works so well digi, hybrid and paper

  4. man you are on a go girl!!!
    Gotta get the divided pp's out and get on top of it!!!
    Love the different sizes

  5. I have not used any dotty/spotty bazzill yet .... it looks great! You've been a busy lady Sharon - tractor driving and all :-)


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