Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hopefully we might do some of this again tomorrow - pack an esky with some poppas and biccies, and throw in some camp chairs and mossie spray.

The kids and I went down to the creek crossing on the way to my parents place a few weeks ago and paddled up the creek (along my my mum, brother and his girlfriend);  it goes down quickly so we didn't get to go back. However after the recent rain up here its running across the causeway again, so we need to take the opportunity for another swim! Nice and sandy and shallow for the kids to run and jump off the causeway.  And a nice shady gum tree on the bank for the not so energetic to rest under.

Summer for some is the beach - THIS is summer in the bush!


  1. Looks like lots of fun. Do I have time to get there? Enjoy. Your kids will love to say that they got to do that as a kid. There were kids out playing in our street with the rain today.

  2. OMG you are SO Aussie!!! You might need to translate that first sentence for any foreigners reading this blog. Can't wait to meet you. We must plan your city escape soon! PS. I'll help you translate: pack a cooler with juice boxes and cookies and throw in some camp chairs and insect repellent. There you go any USA/Canadians. Just call me official blog translator. :) Love it, Sharon.

  3. It looks like great fun Sharon! Don't you love floating down in the tube?

  4. Too funny Nicole...wouldn't have even realised it needed translating :)
    All sounded perfectly normal to me!!!
    Painted a great picture in my the smiles on the kids faces!!
    Nice template...please :)


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