Saturday, December 3, 2011

what happens after it rains

I will let the pictures tell the tale...what started as an afternoon walk (why, yes, we walk in our swimmers quite often!) ended up being something else entirely.

IMG_1109Paddling in the pot sink hole at the back gate quickly morphed into something else...

IMG_1119that just got messier

IMG_1142  and messier

IMG_1174IMG_1159good clean country style fun!

we still went our walk, a little grubbier than we started.

IMG_1192   and apparently not quite having enough of mud

IMG_1217and then it was time to run home for a strip off and hose down on the lawn, and a shower and hair wash for all.

And oh, yes that pesky spare kid was at our house again ;-)


  1. Look at them! Grinning from ear to ear .... they have had a VERY good time by the looks of things!

  2. Oh, what fun! I remember having fun in the mud. I can still feel it between my toes and smell the earth's perfume.

  3. OMG...a photographers heaven muddy kids photos. AND soooo much fun :)


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