Wednesday, December 28, 2011

all over til next year

the paper has been collected and binned, cardboard boxes and packaging rounded up, nerf gun bullets lost and found again by the dozen. Christmas 2011 done and is a little pictorial tale of the past few days of fun.

IMG_1814the kids helping dad roll rum balls. And eat them too apparently! (I use plain crushed biscuits, the standard coconut and cocoa and condensed milk, a hefty dash of rum, and this year instead of mixed fruit I used dates that I processed. Can't really taste the dates in the finished product but it DOES make them yum yum yummy.  I ended up processing the whole lot in the food processor, which with the voice of experience I would recommend doing only one batch at a time, instead of a double batch)

IMG_1819  Some of them prettied up in a glass jar from the discount store with brownies for gift giving.


the table set for Christmas morning tea with my family...

IMG_1843 continuing down the simplistic route, I plonked some festive coloured flowers from the garden in little glass bottles and called it done. Added food...(more was added after I took this photo, slices and other yummies from the fridge)

IMG_1853 The kids were VERY excited about the parcels under the tree...

IMG_1834 after being sent back to bed around daylight (which is rather early in these parts) and allowed up at a more reasonable and sustainable hour given the big day ahead.

IMG_1836I think he was excited about what Santa brought him, a topic of much discussion and thought over the past few weeks.

IMG_1872This is my youngest brother. He obviously got up that morning and thought, self, lets dress like a clown today. I enquired whether there was a jacket to match and thank goodness, it isn't. He is a bit of a clown so I guess it probably was an appropriate outfit.

After we caught up with my family and ate ourselves a bit silly, we headed out to Trevor's parents property for more of the same. More gifts (thoughtful and fun) and more food. More groaning bellies. More photos.

IMG_1896all of the grandkids, including the newest little bundle, just 26 days old. obviously a bit squinty and glary for the monkeys in the front row.... 

and then, before dark, with poddies and puppies and pigglies to feed, and some tired droopy kidlets...we packed up and came home. And had toast for tea.

Christmas for another year over and done. How was yours?

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  1. looks like a lovely day all round.


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