Sunday, December 11, 2011


its fairly obvious I am pretty bad at remembering plant names (it could be my memory in general actually, sigh...) I think this could be a cassia? whatever, its pretty. Most unattractive tree when its NOT flowering, but stunning when it is (and this photo? completely unedited, apart from sharpening for web)

IMG_1373Very much in summer holiday mode here, with very little being accomplished. I really need to get out of that mode, but its a struggle. Also struggling to find Christmas Cheer - so far we have only one dodgy stick/branch Christmas tree up, adorned with fairy lights and one packet of bells, and fairy lights on the front fence. That is the extent of our Christmas decorating thus far. (my poor children! i guess my slackness is taking some of the excitement out of christmas for them...sigh)

best go and put on some Bing Crosby and try to find the spirit of the season.


  1. glorious photo....and definately christmas music puts you into the mood fairly quickly..

  2. I am absolutely HOPELESS with names of trees and shrubs and flowers ... anything botanical actually!

    It's not all that Christmassy down here yet - I think it's still too early, well it is for me and we have a crazy week ahead to get through ... next weekend it will start to change.

    Speaking of Christmas music, we have a digital radio and there is a dedicated Christmas carol station ... it's called Elf ... quite good too, but I am restraining myself from listening until after school finishes.

  3. I don't know what that's called but it's GORGEOUS!


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