Thursday, December 22, 2011

the horses are in

part of the summer holidays is bringing in to our place the kids horses for them to ride; after the first storms we have grass in our small paddocks.  The kids were excited, and all had to have a ride. Given that mum didn't feel like saddling horses at the time, and only one horse has a physique suitable for bare back riding, they had to take turns.

IMG_1574We wish we could clone this champion fellow, we all love Ben.

IMG_1580Although not so sue that Ben loves Georgie with this kicking style being applied! Perhaps a career in bareback buckjump riding might be pursued with a style like that!

IMG_1594This girl is far more sedate and happy to go at a slower pace, with the other pony joining the little walk around the paddock.

IMG_1624and this one had to put up with poddies joining the procession too. Tis a good thing Ben is indeed quiet, as before I could blink at one point Ralph walked straight under Ben's belly. Better men than this boy have been dumped from calves going under horses, but then again, Ben is pretty special.

IMG_1626and doesn't blink an eyelid at kids catching half dead tadpoles at his feet....

IMG_1628or little boys trying out a new style of planking, vertical style ;-) All in a days work for Ben!

He is also a believer in rewarding himself for his efforts, breaking in the feed shed and giving himself a nice treat, leaving a nice mess in return. Gates and sheds have to be well and properly shut and secured with Ben and his mate on the premises.  But its a small price to pay.

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  1. Gosh, it looks so hot in these photos Sharon - but, I have to say, our sky looks similar today and we have massive tropical looking clouds off in the distance ... we are in for a stormy and humid Christmas weekend.

    Ben looks lovely, he and Ralph make a fine pair!


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