Monday, December 5, 2011

random observations


I no longer require a chat with the bank manager in order to purchase these beauties. And boy were they nice, sliced into a bowl of cornflakes with a sprinkling of raw sugar and icy cold milk.

IMG_1092When you unpack a quite expensive grocery order, and its all sitting on the bench, it does not look at expansive and value filled as it did in the two full trolleys. In fact it looks quite puny and you wonder where the hundreds of dollars went.IMG_1245  Chopper Reid has left the building, and thank you to Gillette Razors for making short work of it. The novelty of it had worn off, although the reaction from friends who hadn't seen The Husband during the growing of the mo was still highly entertaining.

IMG_1224Unexpected and gorgeous gifts are well received and very much treasured especially when they are as lovely as this (made from a vintage kimono) 

IMG_1238 Colour is appearing on the cheeks of these beauties and we are watching them with just as much anxiousness as are the birds. Round one to me, I've picked the first few with enough colour to ripen off the tree. Kids are worse than the birds waiting for them to be edible....

And finally....

IMG_1199who wouldn't want to be a kid in the wet season?!

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  1. I hear you on the groceries sister...spend $100 and you only get a couple of bags full.


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