Tuesday, December 13, 2011

found on the fridge

after one too many things was stuck under a magnet and the whole lot came flapping down.

I knew this was there, I look at it often, wistfully, looking at our much younger selves...my how things have changed in nearly nine years. And how much older do we feel and look :-(

2003 sharon kate trevor at mowbrayas you can see the photo has been very well loved, and I thought it was about time it got scanned, as of course this was in the days before I owned a digital camera.

We were at an aunt's birthday party in the Port Douglas hinterland. Kate was only about 6 weeks old and this was our first big trip away as new parents (I believe we went to her six week check up on the way home) I also remember she slept through the night for the very first time when we stayed at my grandmother's house. Perhaps that is why I am looking so fresh!

I wish I knew where that dress was. Probably long gone, passed along to someone else. I wish I still FIT into that dress.

And I can't wear a short hair cut like I used to either.

Now, should I put this back on the fridge? Or drag out some other old and equally depressing photo?! :-)


  1. That's a great photo. You do both look very young, and very happy! I particularly like how Trevor has a drink in each hand. It's nice to look back, I have so few photos of myself, but why is it the first thing we notice is what 'size' we were!

  2. A lot changes in a small amount of time! I know there aren't enough photos of me with our family, most of the time I just forget to pass the camera to someone else.

  3. Actually I think Trevor is holding one for the baby and one for Sharon and the bloke sitting in the background has Trev's can of Coke in his right hand.

  4. we want more...we want more!!!


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