Tuesday, December 6, 2011


there are two trees that are on the top of my list as breathtaking in flower. One is the Jackaranda, and the other is this:

IMG_1209They are probably related, this is the Poinsettia

IMG_1212 And its at this time of year that I wonder where in my yard I could possibly fit a tree of this size (don't worry, I have eyes on the back paddock and vision of a row of them)

But until then, I have to enjoy them in other peoples back yards!

IMG_1216I'll be popping down to grab some seeds off the tree in due course ;-)


  1. You probably meant Poinciana. What a lovely tree, beautiful flower and always a wonderful shape. Aren't you lucky having one nearby.

  2. I love the Jacaranda ... we always thought those trees were known as 'Flame Trees'? Was that our southern Victorian ignorance?

  3. Sharon that first photo should be printed on a canvas and hung up...it's really Aussie outback but has a beautiful mood to it. Great shot, I'm impressed.

  4. I have one in each front corner of my yard. As well as being wonderful trees for climbing (not that I'm guilty of such foolery) they do provide a wonderfully colourful display every year at this time. I don't have a jacaranda but will be planting one at Bottle Tree. I'm not usually a fan of deciduous trees, but their beauty in flower makes up for the bare branches at other times of the year.
    And I take it you haven't been washed away yet.


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