Wednesday, December 7, 2011

school breakup

Up here in northwest Queensland, we broke up for the school year on the 2nd December. We celebrated on the second last day of school with a visit from Santa and the kids school play.

IMG_1263Santa obviously had left his good black boots at home, and had to come in his elastic sided blundstone work boots. Quite scandalous. This did not stop the kids from taking their gifts from him of course.

IMG_1268Santa in previous years had arrived in a slight intoxicated state, however this year he learnt the error of his ways and took the role very seriously. Only one child bailed and bellowed in terror!

The kids did a play based on Roald Dahl's poem Cinderella. With a high portion of boys in the school, some cross dressing was required. Can you pick the boys?!



And just to mix things up, girls become Kings, and a twist in the plot saw little prep boys become Farmer Frank.


One critic (and it must be made clear she was not paid, nor was a parent!) reviewed the play thus: was so very impressed by the theatre presentation the kids put on at the school break up last night - it was "world class"... they should be selling tickets! the handsome (albeit somewhat bogan) Prince cut off the heads of the ugly step sisters when they betrayed him with a phony slipper. Cinderella was so unimpressed by his behaviour that she ran off with Farmer Frank instead...

Next stop Broadway?!


  1. I'm glad Santa behaved himself this year! It looks like a lot of fun ... what jumped out at me was the bank of air-cons .. obviously we have them here too, perhaps not en masse such as this picture would suggest!

  2. Just wonderful! Firstly, I'm most impressed by Santa's chair ... quite luxurious indeed.
    The kids look terrific ... I'm assuming that's your whole school on display.
    And who wouldn't take the farmer over the prince!!!
    (By the way we're avid Roald Dahl fans in this household).

  3. That's funny about the farmer frank part of the play....I love watching farmer..


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