Thursday, December 29, 2011

where's wally

meet the newest member of the family

IMG_1746the son of Alfie, my mums' dog, Rugby League followers of the late 80's and 90's will 'get' the name choice.

He is extremely cute, lovable and happy. Apart from that first night away from his mum.

IMG_1929Its exhausting being so cute and harassing the cat, pig and big dog, playing with the kids and generally being  very important and sneaking in the house whenever he can. 

Fingers crossed his life expectancy is higher than the last JR pup that came to our place. His temperament is vastly calmer and not as bolshy (far more trainable and tractable) and kids are very aware of how easy it is for a little animal to be trod on or run over. Yesterday when we sorting out the horses he kept getting underneath them all (everyone holding their breath at once) so they stuck a milk crate over the top of him and sat on it!

IMG_1762Yes, he is fitting in just fine, like he has always been here. And the novelty of saying "where is wally?" has yet to wear off ;-)

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