Friday, December 9, 2011

please do excuse us

we are otherwise occupied

IMG_1444with summer school holidays....

IMG_1394and a bonus for us is that the wet season has started a little early, so there are plenty of summer time water based activities to enjoy....

IMG_1425even though mum does insist on taking charming shots like these instead of letting them run amok, running in the horses on foot (not :-) the horses were fooling about just as much as the kids)

IMG_1438    or  attempting to break ones legs crossing grids (I am actually liking the sun flare a lot, underlines the summer feel does it not?!)


So you will know why you might not see me around here much, we'll be out and about enjoying the water and the lazy summer days.


  1. I am a big fan of sun flare shots, that last one of yours is just sensational!

  2. Hope that this wet season works out just the way you want it. Enjoy a restful Christmas break. Did you catch my comments re Fred Hoare on Fiona's blog?

  3. hi Old Nev, yes Fiona told me you left a comment; the name rang a bell and I must remember to ask some old timers around here. (and some things never change, the railway station in town obviously has not!)

  4. Beautiful shots Sharon. I'm struggling to keep up with the blogging of late, just too many things happening to fill in the days. I will end up with a backlog of photos though that Old Nev will need to see!
    Hope you have a wonderful Summer ... I'll definitely be in touch.

  5. different to what I'm heading too. Looks like a hell of a lotta fun :)


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