Sunday, December 4, 2011

the green cow

With Ralph coming along nicely in the feeding stakes, and the novelty of feeding a calf by hand up to four times a day rapidly wearing thin, the green cow came out of storage and was introduced to Ralph.

They are getting along just fine.

IMG_1229It hangs on the fence nice and firmly,  I pour the milk in the top, and Ralph drinks it from the teat at the bottom. Win win situation, calf is fed and I am not stomped on, butted or slobbered on during the process!

IMG_1234Now that Ralph is settling in, I've cut his feeds back to three times a day, but increased his intake to 3L per feed. That is a whopping 9L per day but this calf seems extra hungry, he has a big frame to fill out that belies his tender age.

IMG_1249 And he is awfully cute! 


  1. Definately sounds like a win-win situation to me. Love the mud pictures, my kids would love that.

  2. She is but where pray tell is her future destination :(

  3. Those self-feeders are certainly a blessing, I love how they keep sucking though even when it's absolutely empty beyond empty. He looks a great calf, I know of people who won't poddy calves, there's no way I could drive away from one I'm afraid. We scored 20mm rain Thursday night, I wasn't sure how accurate it was with my sprinkler going full steam lately, and quite close to the guage, but after discussion with neighbours that's the figure I'm sticking with, (though poured 29 out).
    The mud-encrusted kids look like something tribal from a National Geo magazine.
    And I guess you're officially on school holidays now! One more week for us.

  4. Ahh, Ralph, I am so glad she took your photo again!


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