Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a story to tell

con artistI'm going to be a lazy cow and make you go over to Simple Aussie Girls to see the whole page, goodness knows that blog has been bit a little bit neglected of late!


  1. Hey Sharon,
    Great to hear Trevor is checking out the Blogs.
    It's about time we had a bit more man power. Recipes and kiddy pics are great but you can't beat a camping trip to the river for REAL news. Put your feet up Trev.

    1. well old Nev, wasn't the last post enough blokiness for you?!! dirt dust and all that? will tell him you require another blog fishing trip, although knee deep in weaners, sale cattle and troughs to be delivered to their impatient owners, I am not sure he will oblige!

    2. and for another thing: who writes these blogs anyhow? perhaps we should be seeing a new blog authored by Old Nev to fill the apparent gap in the market!!

    3. Aw Gee, I was just kiddin', you do a great job. I'll have a barra fillet for you at the Sea Food Festival on Sunday.
      But let me tell you a bit of Old Nev wisdom. Impatient owners, weaners and such will always be there - fish go off the bite if you don't get them when they are there.

  2. I have a one armed male in my house as well at present - oh the frustration of it.


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