Thursday, August 30, 2012

I forgot

to do summary of events part 3!  Which was the adventures of last week, where I took the boy to Townsville to get his new cast. Which probably isn't very newsworthy, but was to us, and so worth blogging.

It wasn't an uncomplicated trip though, involving taking two cars, and dropping one off in Charters Towers in order to have its air-conditioning repaired. I KNOW! Devastating, especially with the hot weather coming up!

We continued on in The Husbands landcrusier ute, which if you are familiar with, aren't really made for taking passengers in style and comfort, and seeing as its his mobile office and workshop and goes deep into the wilderness (ie dust and dirt) on a regular basis, isn't exactly pristine.

And we got a flat tyre. Temperments were tested, especially with trucks whizzing past...

and thanks to my not-so-smart phone, I was able to document this adventure....and appreciate the mountains nearby. Husband is so over me telling him how I want to live somewhere I can look out at some mountains from my verandah.

After a day of running around town, the speediest ever hospital appointment (and hour and ten minutes people! a RECORD!) forgetting lists, picking up stuff from brother in law, grocery shopping, yet another maccas meal (novelty wearing off) we were pooped. Turns out that every motel room in the Towers was booked, so we decided to stay in the city. Lucky I had thought about this and packed a change of undies for everyone ;-) and we left bright and early the next morning, collecting my refreshingly cool car on the way home.

Boyo showed off his new, glow in the dark (but poor choice of colour, why did I not pick army/dirt camouflage?!) lighter and elbow free cast. Two more weeks. Although the new Dr I got wanted him to have none, after not quite four weeks. I argued my case. And won. Whippersnapper. My case was supported by the also whippersnapper-y, white shorted (I asked them if their matron had a good sense of humour, issuing them with tight, white shorts :) I refrained from asking if their mums had ever told them to not wear dark undies under white shorts) cute Plasters Boys, by whom I was thoroughly charmed, but happily so as they agreed with me. Two more weeks would be just right, they reckoned, studying his xrays and his scrawny, sad looking little arm.

No more trips to the city and visiting the Hospital. Well, not for this particular incident anyhow. Sigh. Which is good, because things like this keep following me home:

(I call the one on the left Mavis, and the right: Purty.....)


  1. Gosh, that was an action-packed trip ... It is salutary to be reminded (living in a small island) that others have a long way to go for medical facilities. Hope Mavis is settling in, and with mountains like those to view, I'd keep reminding him!

  2. Your mountain photo looks very much like my view across the highway. We probably take mountains for granted ... and curse them a little!


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