Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A summary of events: part one

which has led to a rather nasty pile of dirty washing. Honestly, story of my life. That, and odd socks.

IMG_5214Campdraft:  weekend before last. I am no longer secretary (praise the lord) but still managed to be in there pretty much all day every day x 3. Sucker for punishment. This led to the not uncommon occurrence that is known as "campdraft orphanitis", wherein children of committee members wander about and do their own thing, look after themselves (with forays to parent for money as needed).  Child number two found a friend with a pony. Said pony was ridden up and down and round and round non stop, with two kids on its back, the driver of pony swapping back and forth. Worth his weight in gold, especially when he then had to do each gymkhana event twice on Sunday.

IMG_9362As you can see, wearing all of the right riding gear (and possibly riding a couple of holes too long, that's what happens when you share a horse) But having a ball. Old Laurent maybe not so much. Wishing we could have brought Laurent home with us, still searching for a new horse for this one! Laurents are hard to come by.

wIMG_5245We held a minutes silence to remember the members we've lost - two just this year, and two in the years gone by. All well known to the camp drafting community across the north, and involved in our committee, it felt the right thing to do. Remembering at the last minute the announcer wanted some words to introduce, I quickly typed up something. Not a word of it do I remember now, but I am told it went down well. Our minutes silence was accompanied by John Williamson and "True Blue". Never have I seen the grounds as silent and still as was in that minute. So pleased that everyone stopped and was so respectful. Goosebumpy stuff.

IMG_5257Tried to get some cut out action from the front of the camp, but couldn't really get in the right spot (which, ideally would have been RIGHT at the front gate, which is not a smart place for a photographer to stand, given the high chance that she could get run over!)

IMG_5375And this was the end result on Sunday evening when I pulled into the driveway. The girls had a sleepover in at the grounds with friends, and combined with being there both days...well lets just say this little nap they had did not improve spirits for the evening. But a fun weekend indeed they had...

Stay tuned for part two! 


  1. Can relate to so much of this Sharon.
    The "orphanitis" ... simply toss money when they come within throwing distance ... works a treat every time, and despite how guilty you feel the kids actually have a ball!
    We've unfortunately had our share of 'minute's silences' over the years too. Lovely to remember, but so sad to realise the loss.
    And the last photo, priceless. I've plenty of those shots as well, usually a perfect reflection of how Mum is also feeling, and can well imagine the waking up process and subsequent temperamental issues.
    So, Part 2 : races?
    Who says there's nothing to do in the bush!!!

  2. That last photo is AWESOME........ gotta love it....a good weekend had by all. Glad you captured that memory. PS>...have you been over to Becky's blog to see the new project life designs...Elise Blaha Cripe's Seafoam Design is definately on my "to order" list.

  3. Being the show annoucer can also keep you pretty busy at times too. The good thing was you could always trust the kids to be on their best behaviour - couln't you?

  4. And this is the best part about living in the bush....the friends, the good timeless fun. It makes for good memories!


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