Wednesday, August 22, 2012

excuse the interruption

in planned postings, but I had to tell this little story before I forgot. Easily done these days, some days I hardly know if I am Arthur or Martha. Sad state given my age, my husband tells me. I must be lacking in something (ignoring husband's solution to problem, which is a typically male solution to ANY health problem!) so any supplement you know of that boosts brain function, do tell!

ANYHOW, the other day:

Georgie (randomly and without any prompting) as we walk down the road: Hey mum! I think its going to precipitate!! I can tell there has been lots of evaporation and condensation happening!

Me (mentally; WTF?!! they must doing the water cycle at school AGAIN!) Verbally: do you reckon....what exactly does PRECIPITATE mean Georgie?!

Georgie: (der Mum mentally, slight roll of eyes) it means RAIN! do you think it will precipitate? (obviously enjoying the tricky way the word rolls off the tongue).

IMG_1144I'm glad something is soaking in at school! 


  1. LOL definitely something soaking in. I think it is going to precipitate here this afternoon but it is the building clouds that tell me that and the humidity.

  2. Brilliant! and a great photo of her enjoyment in it too. :) Definitely going to be precipitated to higher things, with intelligence like this!

  3. Yep, love the photo too.......and as they say "out of the mouths of babes" Love it when the unexpected happens.....

  4. Don't knock it girl, Trev may have the answer. Good luck.


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