Sunday, August 26, 2012


just wow...thanks to pinterest HERE


and surprisingly cheap given the amount of work that would have gone into it ($60 USD + freight) although I didn't look at how big it was. Wonder if The Husband might whip one up for me?

now, excuse me I must go and chastise a rabid Jack Russell barking at garden fairies or some other non existent intruder.


  1. I think it is too pretty for a garden trellis for the tomatoes to grow up! I hope the JR didn't havea snake bailed up!

  2. I've no doubt Trev could have one knocked up for you by smoko.
    And be happy to do it.
    My hands are hurting just thinking about it.

  3. That's some metal work ... :)

  4. Wow! Love it can I have one to? Oh thats right I don't have a garden for it hmmm still very pretty and would make a good feature.

  5. Sensational! I love it - better get the handy man to work!


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