Thursday, August 2, 2012

the red chair

we were in dire need of new office chairs, with one that gives one a sinking feels - slowly - as you sit at the desk, and the other requiring great agility on which to balance on its two wheels.  When in the city the other day, I had the time to duck into Officeworks. The first of my chair choices was sold out, so I had to settle for my second choice, which happened to have one available in red.

A bit like red shoes, and handbags, how could I resist?

I also bought a black one, to go at my main desk with the green wall ;-) and the red one will sit at the husbands area of dumping paper work and mysterious items also know as random spare parts desk.

Let me just make the follow observations:

instructions were written in Australian. Fancy that

number of times things had to be pulled off and put back on the right way: two

number of times I dropped that little allen key: uncountable

amount of swearing that took place: equal to the number of times allen key dropped and  number of times things had to be pulled off and put back on the right way

its not as easy to put together as the instructions suggest, but WAAAAAY easier that that steel cupboard I recently assembled which required much loud swearing at great length (even the kids commented: it mustn't have been easy to put together dad, Mum swore A LOT!)

Bum space is not as generous on this chair as the old one. Not sure how to feel or comment further on this matter.

The Husband can put the next one together.


  1. This made me smile this morning, Sharon! Has he done his yet? I love those yellow wellies too. :)

  2. Don't worry it looks like leather- it will stretch to fit!

  3. I too am not fond of instructions putting things together ... Great color though


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