Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The hay shed has been there since we owned the place, and only on Saturday did a light bulb go off. I only had my little pocket camera with me (someone may have put the dSLR in the car, minus its CF card) so quickly snapped some shots. Love the backdrop the shed wall creates.

Its a pity about the mood the kids and husband were in.  IMG_1135IMG_1149 As you can see, The Husband was once again, in a smiley, happy chappy, sort of mood. He's very much a Things To Do, Places To Go sort of person, come on, hurry this bit of nonsense up!

IMG_1162You can also see the mood that #2 was in. Marches to the beat of a different drum, that child.

And then, after the work was done, the kids took these stellar shots, proving that indeed, mum waz 'ere:

IMG_1185IMG_1186The only photos taken with mum all year, and they all think they are goons.  Honestly.

Well, at least it proves one thing: dust indeed makes a fine camouflage for imperfections and evening out skin tone, and for making ones teeth seem nice and white! Tis a pity though, about the lines of it crusted into the lines of my neck. We'll call it cattle yard glamour shall we?


  1. Sharon, those kids of yours are growing like weeks. Look at the legs on No. 1!
    It's a beautiful photo of the two girls in the second image. I think I'd be cropping them out (from elbows up), [sorry Angus] and enlarging it. Would be nice on the wall.
    Says me, who has so few photos of the kids anywhere but on the computer.
    And you look smokin' !

    1. Growing like WEEDS, you know what I mean!

  2. Yep, go the crop - Fiona is right ... sorry mate!

  3. Great pics glad you are in some too


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