Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tales of Dodgy Birthday Cakes, Volume 2, 2012

Reading the wonderful blogs of my online mates Amy and Fiona, and having email discussions regarding cakes and the making of, may have lead to believe, somewhat rashly, that I had the skills to carry off a layered rainbow cake. Those that care to, may see my instagram feed (see link in tab above) and the much knashing of teeth and tale of woe as the cake baking did not proceed as planned.

However, never one to waste a good cake, no matter how dismal its colour, I soldiered on, resolving that with a good chocolate icing, and heavy handed application of smarties and sprinkles, that a multitude of sins could be hidden. And after all, its not all about the cake, its about the Birthday Girl!

IMG_5621 The Birthday Girl arose from bed earlier than normal, and feigned nonchalance, that she had forgotten it was her birthday! (yeah, right) Being an evil mother, I had hidden parcels from sight with only one small measly gift bag being on view. Finally she made enough noise to awaken the dead get her siblings out of bed so the gift opening could happen before breakfast and school time.


IMG_5605 IMG_5606

a new dress was scored (with a great deal of room to grow, thanks to mum not reading the tag properly in her whirlwind trip through the shops last week) lady bird slippers which give this quirky kid quite a kick, and some cool lego...(she was so proud to read the instructions and build unaided by adults but possible hindered by big bossy sisters and inquisitive little brothers)

IMG_5607and in a weak moment (from mum) some additions (LAST EVER!) to the pet shop family. They are quite a hit with the kids in this house.

Finally off to school, and for morning tea, some cake...

IMG_5611IMG_5630(that would be dad's grotty finger holding the matches in the front of the photo)

IMG_5633And finally, the big reveal....

IMG_5638Where things weren't as bad as they initially seemed, although my original plans involved a deep blue, kelly green and bright yellow. Pantry revealed a total lack of  yellow colouring, the blue went a lovely hue, as seen above and the green took on a lime hue (held together by PINK icing which was meant to be red).

Never the less, the cake was consumed down to the last crumb, and the kids went on their merry way, well and truly hopped up on sugar and the great deal of artificial colouring that went into each layer of cake!  

And the gappy toothed Flossie is now eight....my goodness.


  1. I am impressed with the icing!

    Well done, there was never a need to worry as the kids are only interested in the icing and the lollies on top!

  2. Sharon, I think you are under-selling yourself in the cake-making department. The cake looks absolutely wonderful and I'm sure went over a treat at school, despite grubby match-holding fingers. I'm yet to see a child immune to the presence of freckles, sprinkles or smarties. I will say the gel colourings are the absolute bomb - talk to ebay my friend. Hope Georgie had a wonderful day. I'd love to think our two eight year olds could get together one day, I think they may be quite similar!

  3. I love the colours of your cake and it certainly sounds like it went down a treat.

  4. I love it, your cake is fabulous! Kids love the celebration of just them don't they? Our celebrations last for weeks around here.

  5. My goodness, that's a stunner of a cake! and she clearly loved it. And it warms my heart that she loves Lego. :)

  6. Great cake for what looked like a great birthday....pat yourself on the back!

  7. Well the cake looked good in the end. I had romantic dreams of making one of those Rainbow Cakes a couple of years ago when I saw it on a blog however there are some things that I think aren't worth it and that was one of them.....too many cake tins required, too many cakes to go in the oven and goodness knows what else. I just stick to the one big chocolate cake but 10 out of 10 for your great cake. Kathy


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