Saturday, August 25, 2012

a summary of events: part two

while it feels quite some time ago now, as this week has been pretty busy, last weekend we had our annual race meeting. The usual P and C job was to cater for the crowds and with a couple of men down (or women more appropriately) we expected to be quite busy. The new secretary was one of the ones away, in her case at her sons wedding, so the task of ordering supplies and co-coordinating sandwich making fell on my shoulders. This task made intimately more difficult by the untimely illness of Towns only baker. Non the less, we soldiered on, the supermarket quickly getting a bread supplier on board from the coast, and I managed to find a wholesaler of pies as well (AND had them delivered to the door!)

There wasn't a lot of time for family portraits...

my eventual choice of race day finery being the grey dress with teal accessories (LOVE the other dress, and the borrowed fascinator matched perfectly, but the dress needs a couple of alterations to fit comfortably, as well as one needing to be in the right mood to carry of its brightness!)

At some stage during the morning it fell upon me to take the official photos as well, my mate Mel being felled with a nasty case of all-day morning sickness (oh yes, exciting times ahead!). I packed up my camera after our morning working bee of sandwhich making, took about 50 wonderful shots of the crowd, and found I had no memory card. Duh. Husband dispatched to fetch from my desk, thankfully before the first race.



Fashion, as ever, was high. I want the earrings on the girl in orange (sorry, CORAL) to have puppies. They are gorgeous. Bit of a change to the weekend before, those two good lookers are my new campdraft secretary and treasurer. And on the right, Miss Mac, well known for her love of unsuitable shows and pretty frocks (husbands around town are disapproving of both her fascinator and shoe collection, unless of course wives are borrowing from it, in which case is saving them money!)

IMG_5408a rather large number of jockeys seemed to be present for the event...

IMG_5547and look! we even saw the horses run this year! 

The Fashions of the Fields was again hotly contested:

IMG_5487I wonder who owns that girl child there in the middle that seems to be getting ridiculously tall,  and sending her father and I into mild panic as we are SO not ready for the next stage in child rearing.

IMG_5585this child also present, and the boy too although one would not know it as he went missing down the creek for about two hours (not an approved activity, especially when one armed!)

IMG_5393  IMG_5388

we tarted up the food shed a little this year, with some bunting, a tablecloth on the old timber counter, and of course colour co-coordinating baked goods.

Numbers were down somewhat this year however that did not stop those present from having a right royal time, and with most of the baked good sold, a few sandwiches left over for the kids to enjoy, and managing to sell off the left over pies, we made a pretty good profit for a pretty quiet day.

I'll try and get back soon before another week passes, as now of course the summary of events has a part three!


  1. Never fear Sharon, the 'next stage' of child rearing is no worse than any other 'stage'. People like to terrify you with tales of what lies ahead, and in reality it's all good.
    And if all else fails, we've two older than yours, so with prior knowledge will aim to keep you one step ahead of them.
    Really love the bright colours of the middle dress.
    And the bunting. And the patty cakes. And the jockeys.

  2. Those jockeys are wonderfully colourful - looks like a photo from a glossy mag, Sharon! You've clearly worked your socks off to make it a great event and you all look very swish. :)

  3. Miss Mac sounds as though she is the style icon of the north - I love her headpiece!
    You've done very well with these shots and I was so pleased to hear that the man of the house was available to assist in dire times!

  4. Add Bush Races to the fishing, campdrafts, dusty kids, car rallies, camping, outback life, fires, and other things that I love about a Quiet Life.

  5. PS. Anymore vacancies on the campdraft committee?

  6. why, that is one way of attracting new workers to the committee I suppose Old Nev!! don't suppose that both of them being married makes any difference if you are just there for the view!


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