Friday, February 27, 2009

All things Green

This is another one of those posts where I share with you some images I have collected, because they are so lovely. Because we live waay out west, I love to look at catalogues, whether they be in my email inbox or in the real mail (I have to admite, its more fun looking at the paper catalogues!) and dream of what things I might go shopping for, given an unlimited budget and all that!!
You might remember, this is what our house looks like. Not at all trendy or white. VERY lived in!

But I keep finding myself drawn to these tropical, holiday type of home decor, that just begs for a lovely white backdrop...most of these things are in the lastest Target catalogue. I don't really like my local Target shop, but I DO love the catalogues!

These lovely bathroom accessories. I love that green leaf pattern.

This would look great on the wall behind our swimming pool!

So would this! They both would look great on a white wall inside the house too. (I like the top one better) Pity I don't have any white walls.

Oooh, these vases. Aren't they divine?

And courtesy of the all american Pottery Barn email, these gorgeous pool loungers. Now THIS would make supervising the kids afternoon swims a real pleasure. Drink included, of course!

I do have some exciting crafty sort of news...I have "aquired" an old science trolley, perfect for my scrapbooking storage. I currently use a not so old chest of drawers, that really could be put into use in our bedroom (I obviously have too many clothes!) - I can't wait to get this trolley home, scrub it and put away my stash! Its waist height, has wide, shallow draws, perfect for the storage of cardstock and paper. I might have to do a purge, because it is smaller than the chest of draws, but far more suitable.

I'll share some photos of my not-used-enough scrapping/craft area once the new table is intalled. And after I tidy up a bit.

So that's about it for me; we were hoping to brand those calves (remember from weeks and weeks ago) but instead are trucking cattle for sale instead over the weekend, perhaps the calves will be tended to next weekend. And seeing as the grass has been extra green, and their mama's haev been making lots of milk, those calves are going to be big, and strong, and fiesty, and full of green stinky stuff that no doubt I will be stepping in, or even have all over my hands and jeans.

Oh, I'll have some action photos to share with you then! I'll spare no detail - I'll share every little thing - you'll feel like you were there. Except for the noise. And the heat. And the flies. Hmm, oh, well, you'll just have to imagine all of that!


  1. There will be 2 extra helpers next weekend if you need them... I'm sure they could be convinced with a few tender morsels of anything that doesn't look like boarding school food!!

  2. look forward to the blow by blow commentary plus pics
    we have enough flies here so need to worry about those thanks

  3. Great lets see you use them on a page!


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