Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An All time Favourite

This photo will hit the list of one of my favourite fact, seeing as I just bought myself some new frames to house some of my favourite family, this will find a home in one.

Just for interests sake, this is what it looked like, straight out of the camera. The action I ran on it really boosted the colour, and while it might be a little too much, I'm really liking the bright colour in comparison to this slightly dull version. I only have Elements, but since I've found actions that work with it, as well as LEVELS for both colour and light, I have no desire to get anything fancier.

Photos like this, capturing their affection for each other and their joy for life, makes me forget: the brawl they had just minutes before, and the fact that one of them RIGHT NOW is creating a rather intricate project involving string and a walkway that is sure to end with some sort of injury on my part later today, when I forget and walk there; the fact that the other one, RIGHT now, is showing the new kitties the budgies. (not a safe move for the budgies!)

Guess which one is doing which? I'll even help - the big one is at school, so you've a 50% chance of getting it right!

This one below: NOT ever will it be on my favourite's list, but it does show you my new STRAIGHT hair do - well it was straight until I washed it that night. Now...I think it's waaay more lived in, and certainly hasn't seen any product since that day. I'm a wash and wear kinda gal!

Trevor took the photo, and seeing as it was way too much effort for the poor old dear to get out of his armchair, I had to sit on the floor in front of his chair so as to try and reduce the double chin... not sure that it was successful!

Now there's many other things that I should be doing other than blogging (procrastination be thy name!) so I had better go and make lunch for the two ratbags, and think about some of those chores...I can't wait for the day that they make a washing machine that dries AND folds the clothes!


  1. first off...looooove the new do!!!

    secondly..WHAT ACTIONS...they are unreal!!!! LOOOOVE the after!!

  2. LOOOOVE the new 'do'! You look gorgeous...and exactly the same as you did 10 years ago, how do you DO that????

    Love the pic of the kids too, I am a huge fan of the colours:)

  3. A new hair do is always fun - it looks fab - my new best friend is a GHD - they really do rock!
    Love the pic - I have always used auto adjustments in photoshop - unless it makes the pic look funny - photoshop is my friend.
    And to add to your procrastination loved the post on your recent web finds. While you are looking around would you mind keeping your eye out for a white single bed Katelin is going to be needing one soon and all the local shops have nothing nice - oh and doesn't cost a small fortune!
    Now stop posting and go scrap ;)

  4. aaaw, you guys! you are so nice...and Kirsty - notice how its only a HEAD shot? There's way more of the rest of me than there used to be 10 years ago, that's for sure!

    Di - the action I used on this photo was a bought one - before I discovered the FREE coffeeshop ones ...her vibrant does the nearly the same thing as this colour boost one, but seeing as I paid for it, I HAVE to use it! ;)

    Shannon - I do think I've seen a white bed in a catalogue somewhere recently...don't you have an Ikea? But I'm sure that I saw a nice girls bedroom set in a Harvey Norman catalogue...oh, you enabler you. Considering I am shopping for a new lounge, I will be sure to keep an eye open for you :)


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