Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Day of Dirt

Ah, home, hot shower. Tired body, tired kids.

We spent the day at LC finishing off the cattle we started processing yesterday - drafting off the weaners (calves big enough to be removed from their mothers) and branding a handful that we missed last time.

Today Georgie and Angus came along for the ride, and I was expecting there to be many tears and tantrums...and not just from them! But I was pleasantly surprised, they were excellent and were happy to play in the dirt, and climb fences, and eat from their little esky of snacks.

It helped that it wasn't hot today, rather pleasantly cool.

Georgie declared it a Good Day Today. She fell asleep on the back of the four wheeler when we went to follow some cows down a laneway - she was flat on her back sleeping on the back cargo area, whilst her brother was sprawled asleep on my lap. I don't have a photo, wish I did. Their father thought it was hilarious when I {quite slowly!} drove back to the hut with snoring children all over the bike. He stopped laughing when he had to go a finish my job off!

Anyhow, we again had a long day, brought home FOUR new poddy friends for Patsy and Bruno, who have made themselves quite at home {to the extent of finding new and numerous ways to break into my garden}. Their new friends are: Clyde, Roger, Hugo & Humphrey, who all for one reason or another, find themselves without a mother and need some tender care and tucker. They are now residing in my car shed, as its raining (RAINING!) and as they aren't all that user friendly just yet, need to be locked in a pen until they stop trying to run away from me. And then when they work out that I am the giver of food that is yummy and delicious, its ME that does the running. I'm not a fan of calf slobber on the back of my knees!

Off to bed for me now to rest my weary body. Quite happy to be just doing housework and office work tomorrow...and dealing with my new arrivals...hope they settle in quick!

And Jo.A? No I am not fit, rather the opposite -that's why I am so knackered now after two days of not overly hard work....

Sorry for the picture-less post. I will try and remedy that soon!

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  1. I just love reading about your incredibly different to ours!


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