Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Header

You would have noticed the new banner (some of you the instant I loaded it! - Jo and Shannon - gee you girls are QUICK!) and also that I have been playing about with the blog template.

I can't get it to where I am happy, but then I am not at conversant with HTML editing, so some research is needed.

It is also known as PROCRASTINATION....I have a car load full of groceries on my kitchen bench to put away, from a day in Charters Towers yesterday. I took the big girl with me {gasp - a day off school!} to get her new school joggers that fit. She has been proudly wearing them around all of last night and this morning {and she even slept with them, didn't take a photo, too tired!} - gorgeous pink and white and silver ones. I hope they last as long as the last pair did!

I said I was going to be away from the computer, but just couldn't...and the fact that its turned COLD here (for North Qld) has encouraged me to play on the computer!

Jo, also I converted the images in the header with an action (pse friendly) from E-Z Actions called Rustic Charm. It suits quite a lot of my images that are taken in the yards or paddock moodwise, especially when the light is really harsh or bright.

Here's one of my Favourites of 2009 photos, with Rustic Charm run on it, as the original is a bit cool {taken in the shade in the late afternoon} and the original for comparison. I could have boosted the colour, but as I am feeling COLD leant towards the warming action!

Anyhow, hopefully I will get the layout of this blog sorted out today - I want to have the header all of the way across the page, not all squished up, the same with the text. Oh well, after the groceries are put away, and Big Girl is home from school.

Thanks for the comments, and I hope to share some more Favourites of 2009 soon. {having also realised, when looking for a photo of Kate, that I don't have many nice, natural ones of her - she's going through a posing stage - especially since she's at school now!}

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