Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odds n Blobs

I'm mentally preparing myself for the next few days: mustering (yes, MORE) at my parents place, where I have my own mob of cows. We're doing a big shift around, taking away my cows to Trevor's parents property (where we have MORE cattle...yes, it can get terribly complicated when trying to work out where we've put a certain mob of animals!) and replacing them with younger steers (male castrated cattle) so they can fatten up.

Anyhow, enough of that boring stuff, onto the good stuff, before I get back to the phyiscal reality of all of the folding and other mundane things that have been neglected while helping Trevor with the weaners this week.

Who said country life was idllylic and slow paced?

My Mum had a birthday on the 14th, and I can safely share with you what I have organised (belatedly) as her gift, as she doesn't read this blog, and is quite technologically "un-savvy". I was at a loss as to what to get her, as she's at that stage in life where she has everything, and if she wants something, she gets it herself!

I went to my favourite Australian site for all things handmade and crafty - madeit. This is what I have coming for her: (check out the sellers blog oddsnblobs)

A cute little zippered pouch to put in her handbag (got myself one too, in a gorgeous floral fabric that I could eat!) for all of those handy odds and ends that float around the bottom of the bag and are impossible to find when you need 'em. I badly need one of these, my bag resembles a garbage bin, and I can never find my keys or my phone, or anything else of importance for that matter.

Then I got her this matching passport and document holder. Mum and her sisters are planning a big trip over to Scotland next year (my great grandmother was Scottish) so I thought this would be great to keep all of the important bits in one place.

Also coming, though I don't have a picture, is a notebook cover for one of those spiral flippy notebooks. Mum uses one for her shopping lists; it will be out of the apple fabric but with spotty binding or something. Not too matchy-matchy, but bright and cheerful and easy to find in her handbag.

I'm missing my Canon DSLR today, I lent it to a friend. She's photgraphing a wedding in the city {today} and needed a back up/ extra camera. I really would have loved to gone with her and helped out as second snapper/bag carrier to get more wedding experience, but didn't really organise myself.

Anyhow, that's all in my part of the world; Nicole has issued a challenge to do a page with pink, white and blue combo. Hoping to get a chance to whip one up tonight - it will be digital as I have some more collage-y pages to do (and my scrapping desk is hidden under a pile of crap that I don't have the motivation to remove!). I'll share when I have it done!


  1. Love those litle pouches - my handbag is just about to be thrown in the big it is so FERRAL! I hate handbags and their bottomless pits. Hope you mother loves them.

  2. I hope she loves them too! :) They are almost on the way to you :)


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