Thursday, May 14, 2009

Words Fail Me

A story for you:

The kids and I were all showering together the other night - they all needed their hair washed. One of them had decided that putting mud in their hair was a great idea, which led to all three having various amounts of crap in their hair. It's far easier to wrestle with those reluctant to go through the hair washing process whilst IN the shower with them, than outside and getting water all over the floor.

Anyhow, all heads were washed, apart from mine, and I was rinsing my own hair whilst the kids played around me in the shower cubicle. Georgie pokes me in the bottom. It obviously amuses her. I can HEAR her thinking.

"You know, Mum?" she pauses. "You know, your bum isn't FAT....its just BIG!"

I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I think this photo says it all.


  1. *heh* well thats a relief! LOL

    This is why I shower alone...

  2. Kids will always bring you straight down to earth with a thud

  3. Too funny!!! Love her in that week, she is SUCH a cutie!! I have very similar comments...ALL the time! And 'big is much better than 'fat', right???

  4. Sorry , meant 'in that wig' not week!


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