Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Internet Goodness Day

I haven't done an Internet Goodness post for awhile, as to be frank, there hasn't been much of the goodness flowing into my inbox lately (Pottery Barn, has thou forsken me?!)
Non the less, lets have a gander at what's gotten me excited or inspired lately, in between wrassling ungrateful poddy calves and poopy kids bums.

Ah, the camera strap. I've been drooling over these for awhile, but so far I haven't been able to find one that's made in Australia. Perhaps I should dust off the machine, and go into business myself! {This one is a full on strap, as opposed to the slip on cover that I may have shown before.} What an excuse to go shopping for delicious fabrics!

Cute handmade flower/brooch thingy. This was from a Heather Bailey's blog, which looked really interesting and full of gorgeous things, but I didn't have time to investigate fully. Its on my list, don't worry!

More cute flowers - this time a posy made of felt circles, and pinking shears. Might have been a do-able project for older kids for mothers day! Or what a great little decoration for a beautifully wrapped gift, tucked into the ribbon/bow!

I have been yearning for a butterfly punch or die for ages, the one used here is apparently a Stampin' Up die. I wonder if this would work in my little used Cuttlebug, and if its available in Australia? I'll have to ask Anita . Any other butterfly suggestions anyone? (card NOT made by me)

And finally, this colour inspiration from Dawn. Oh, yummy!
And that's it - no Pottery Barn today! :-(
Oh before I go - check out these two sites I've stumbled across for all sorts of creative inspiration. Living Creatively amd One Pretty Thing
Til next time!

1 comment:

  1. Love checking out all your lovely finds.
    Maria at the Boxx has a guide for how to use different dies in the Cuttlebug, good luck


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