Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tired, Incredibly Dirty

and quite possibly, just as cranky.

Or I was until 20 minutes ago, at which time I put the kids to bed, and had a wonderful warm shower. I've been mustering cattle and working in the yards all day with my beloved, and its been a loooong day. And with more fun to come tomorrow! oh joy!

I heard a rumour somewhere that it was Mothers Day today? :-) My mum looked after the three kids for us today (thanks Mum!) while we were at LC.

Mothers Day wasn't entirely forgotten - I did get a card, and an early bunch of flowers yesterday (the second bunch ever in ten years!) - there is quite a story attached to the flowers. He left them in the sink at work - forgot them and drove home the 40kms to our house. But because they were very expensive (though not flash - no florist here, so a the local pony club "imported" flowers to sell as a fundraiser) we had to go trekking back to town to collect the flowers. But to make the trip worthwhile, we also did "work" stuff whilst there...ever practical, my husband!

Anyhow, I am not sounding terribly cohesive, even for my usual rambling self, just wanted to pop by to share my weekend fun. Need to go to bed to rest up for the continuation of drafting, branding and then, joy of joys, moving them all to another paddock a nice 10km stroll away, tomorrow. With two of the kids in tow for the day (no babysitter tomorrow, nor Big Girl to go-fer, as she will be at school!) its sure to be...interesting!

Just had to share this gorgeous ring, which i don't own, but wish I did! Its only costume jewellry, I saw it or one very similar on the australian etsy like store And you know what? Loved it at the time, but now - can't find it there anymore..etsy have them (US sellers, which is no good -exchange rate too high!)...I want to find one in Australia! Anyone have any ideas, apart from ebay?

Til next time, when I might be able to string together a decent sentence! And sorry, no action shots from my adventures today & tomorrow, too dusty for the Canon, p & shoot is flat, and not really the time to spend in taking snaps.


  1. Poor husband, forgetting the flowers....God love him! And I LOVE , repeat LOVE your new blog header!!! Photos brilliant and the text, endearing! PS. If there is anything small that you want from ikea I would be happy to get it and post it to you. They don't sell gorgeous rings, but I'm sure it's hard for you to get to IKEA and I know they don't do online!

  2. I really love your header and am trying to work out how you did that cool typing to the side of your photo, is it digital scrapped and saved as a photo??? Very cool. Such exhausting work you do, it must keep you fit, it sounds like an adventure everyday. Beautiful ring, I hope you find it somewhere...will keep my eye out :)


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