Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Typical Afternoon

The kids: "MUUUM!!!" from the garden, followed by unintelligable shouting.

Me: " Come here if you want to tell me something!!" Sorting and paying bills in the office (whilst simultaneously blog surfing).

Oldest child: " Mum! a branch broke off the tree, by itself!" (should have pricked my ears harder at the end of that statement!)

Me: "hmm...which tree?" not really paying close attention

Oldest child: " The one with the flowers...over there."

Me: "OK, I'll look in a minute" and continuing with sorting bills. Oh joy.

Me, five minutes later, at the scene of the crime:


{insert appropriate cranky mother look and tone, complete with hands on hips}

"You didn't just break a branch off, you've broken off HALF THE BLOODY TREE!!!"

One of my precious frangipani's (which had grown into a small tree) had been effectively broken in half.

Kids, grouped at the scene. Oldest one is crying as she appears from her hiding spot. No guesses needed to identify who was swinging off the branch! ("by itself", indeed!)

Stern words issued about playing in my garden beds and wrecking my plants, as well as the dangers of swinging on branches. Water off ducks' backs. sigh.

So now it appears that my garden resembles the war zone that is INSIDE my house. You can most certainly tell that I haven't been home much in the past ten days, even for my rather slack housekeeping standards!

On the agenda for the afternoon: chopping up half of a fallen frangapani tree/branch into cuttings. Might as well salvage something from the poor thing!

Hoping to be back with more interesting matters soon!


  1. Oh that is so sad about the tree. That would have made me cross too, it takes so long for those trees to grow, I feel like mine hasn't moved an inch in 3 yrs. I glad everyone was ok:), I hope you can take a breath soon and have some relax time.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving kind words about me in a bikini...went crazy at the gym the few months before knowing I would have to be in one. Seeing those pics again reminds me that I need to go back to the gym...sigh :(

  2. Oh Sharon, hope you can salvage some of the tree. Ours have not moved an inch in 3 years, just got leaves and lost them again. Kids! Still on the search for a white bed, need to make a trip to sydney, and with all this partying haven't had time. Need to hurry up though I have a little girl who is practising no nappy for lunch time sleep - would be good if she could get out of bed and go when she needed too!


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