Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You Letter

I had my girl write, or rather copy (she's only year one, and obviously so far they haven't been working on correct handwriting formation!) a little thank you letter to the little girl that gave us the three bin bags full of lovely clothes.

I love her cute handwriting...Kate is not naturally inclined to neatness in her work, and I had to remind her to slow down and do it neatly. She's also more inclined to prefer quick, mass production with her artwork and drawings, as opposed to her younger sister. Georgie will spend ages on a drawing, and will put great detail in her pictures. I suspect Georgie takes after my very artistic youngest brother, Kirby. Even his signature is a work of art!

Here is my big girl, out and about this past weekend. I think I may have overedited this photo - taken on a very overcast afternoon, but oh well.

She's at that funny face-pulling-silly-posing for the camera age. Plus those two front teeth are missing...I hope they come before Christmas. Actually, I'm forseeing some big dental bills with this one. I'm bracing myself... {hee hee, get it?! oh I am SO funny!}

I want to use the picture of her letter on a scrapbook page, not quite sure how to go about it. Ideas anyone?

Speaking of ideas, and kids handwriting, look at this little project that I found.

Not exactly re-inventing the wheel, but just the right thing at the moment, something that I think that both she and I could handle {patience NOT being one of my strongest virtues!} This came from Aby Garvey's blog, one that I have only just discovered. I haven't worked out how to put a downloadable thingy on here (help anyone?!) but here is the link to the project, which includes the different questions on a 6x6 page as shown above. I'll probably change the questions to suit our life, and I was thinking I would do it in one of those pretty little 4x6 slip albums that are everywhere in the shops.

Georgie will probably want to do one too, but I guess instead of writing in it herself (though she might give it a go, she's quite good at writing a random series of letters independantly - usually in places that I discourage - like the walls, parts of her body or brother's body!).

This is something like the interview layouts that Nicole has done in the past, just in a mini format.

Anyhow, best go and check this little boy here for a poopy bottom. You would think it would be greatly uncomfortable to get around with poop in your pants, but apparently not. The only one discomforted about it is ME! {and his father on the rare occasion that I am not around to clean up the mess, but that's a whole other post about weakly constitutioned fathers!}

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  1. love the cute...Nicoles probably got a layout that would work.
    That mini is fantastic...i am straight on to it with Maddy...mmm...have a good idea now...thanks HEAPS for the inspiration...


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